• Ingredients:  100% Original Himalayan Rock Salt
  • Approximate Size : 8 x 6 x 4cm ​
  • Weight : 230g - 245g
  • Quantity : 1 Piece
  • Origin : Pakistan (Himalayan Range)
  • Storage Method: Keep in a Cool and Dry Place after use to prevent the bar to be dissolved.​
  • Since this is 100% natural and handmade product, every bar is not perfectly smooth and would be different in color due to the natural mineral content. Random Delivery.

100% natural rock salt mined from deep inside the pristine Himalayas, it nourishes the skin with its natural minerals. As Salt is a natural exfoliate, the Crystal Salt Scrub Soap improves the overall appearance of the skin by cleaning the pores, and removing dead epidermis, harmful bacteria and toxins as well. In addition, softly massaging with the salt bar will assist to reduce tiredness, muscle pain and stress.

How to Use a Himalayan Crystal Salt Dry Scrub Soap

1.    Place the salt soap in a soft cloth
2.    Rub bar in a circular motion on your body, and wash off after dry or Rub off access without washing off.
3.    Do not use any creams after applying the salt bar to your skin, but if your skin is dry you can use an organic oil of your choice.
4.    To prevent the bar to be dissolved, it should be kept as dry as possible.
5.    It’s recommended to use a crystal salt bar immediately post shower and only once per day and completely avoiding use with regular soap or on broken skin. And remember that even though this it is called a “soap” it will not produce a lather.

How to use for Massage stone

A Himalayan Salt massage ball may be warmed up or chilled!
- Warm salt stone in a microwave (30 seconds at a time) and use to massage stressed and tired muscles.
- Freeze or refrigerate the salt stone for bruises and abrasions
- Enhance the salt massage by adding one drop of your favorite essential oil.

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Himalayan Crystal Salt Dry Scrub Heart / Massage Stone

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